Powerful, fun and flexible web stores and retail shops.

Online Rockstar. Retail Hero.

Sell on your website, in-store or both.

Tap allows you to run your business at full potential. Brick and mortar retailers can add online sales with ease and online retailers can manage products, customers and orders with next level speed and power. Everything works together – create purchase orders, scan barcodes, print product labels and leverage mutliple channels, all in one easy to use system.

Create Beautiful Things.

Powerful product creation and management.

It's about handling data efficiently and intuitively. Tap gives you unprecedented ability to create and manage your product offerings. With a smooth desktop feel and a unique product build system you finally have the ability to compete at a scale larger than yourself. No more clunky web interfaces or limited extensibility, just power up and start adding product. Use Tap's powerful API to extend your reach even further and grow how you need.

Order Up.

Smart and efficient order management.

Making sales is great, but tracking and fullfilling them is where the real work starts. Tap allows small retailers to stay in sync with each and every transaction – processing payments from all the major providers, printing labels, shipping, communicating with customers, tracking fraud and keeping everyone up-to-date. You'll never lose track of orders again and your customers will love the experience. Five star reviews are headed your way.

More Power to Ya'.

Power search, mass updates and more.

With thousands of products and even more orders and customers it's critical for small retailers to be able to find and transform information quickly. Tap gives you the power and advantages of big tech in a simple package – mass updates, smart filters and granular views are right at your finger tips. Forget about click, click, update, back button just to change a value. Find, update and share information with fewer clicks and more coherence. Tap gives you what you've been looking for, world class technology that's affordable and easy to learn.